Bangkok Trip: Family, Friends, and Shopping (Of Course!)


Having to juggle with my busy schedule, I rarely have the opportunity to go on a holiday for some quality time and fun with my loved ones. So, I’m really thankful to have been able to take time off recently for a family holiday getaway to Bangkok. It was a 5D4N trip from 21st to 25th April and Hubbz meant for me to fly out on my birthday for the trip. We flew to Bangkok on the B787 – Dreamliner which really set itself apart with its shadeless feature!

After we landed, we checked into our hotel, Novotel Platinum Pratunam . I really love its accessibility to the largest air-conditioned and clean shopping mall, making it really easy for us to frequently head back to our room to change BabyC’s diaper or to let her take a nap without much fuss. It also meant that everything was within close proximity which made it so convenient.We then freshened up in the room before I was directed to Octave as a surprise. Hubbz kept reminding us to leave the hotel at 4PM in a bid to catch the glorious sunset. I was super happy to catch one of the most beautiful sunsets at Octave, and to enjoy the fabulous views as well as the great amenities offered by the hotel.  It was also an opportunity to enjoy some new outfits, especially the comfort of my our twinning outfits by JumpEatCry and JOOP Denim Embroidery Off-Shoulder Dress (pictured below), while taking in the view!

Kumoya x Tokidoki Cafe | Birthday Celebration With My Unicorns

Each passing year is another year worth cherishing and celebrating. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to dine with my sweetest unicorns at the highly-anticipated Kumoya x Tokidoki Pop-up Cafe as part of my early birthday celebration. As a fan girl of Tokidoki kawaii unicorno with Donutella & her friends, I was thrilled to be on a date to the world’s first Tokidoki Cafe!

Tokidoki Cafe sg

The cafe’s interior is thoughtfully designed with the Tokidoki  characters and decals that seems to come to life on the walls. The entire cafe is perfectly decorated to house the eye-popping aesthetic and criminally cute characters. The strategically poisitioned Tokidoki unicorno plushies also seemed like a row of welcoming ushers to the highly-anticipating guests.