OSIM ULOVE2 First-Class Massage Chair Experience

Welcome Onboard the launch of Love at First Class with OSIM  uLove 2 (4手天王)!

It was truly a First Class experience at the preview launch of the NEW OSIM uLove 2 massage chair.

I was honoured to be invited by OSIM for an exclusive media launch and once again I found myself in a familiar airplane setting. Only this time I was warmly welcomed onboard the first-class service by friendly ‘flight attendants’ at OSIM HQ. I was really impressed by the whole fun flight adventure thoughtfully planned out for us. From our very own boarding passes, to our Amenity Kit – complete with eyeshades and sockets, to a thick cozy blanket perfectly suited for First Class treatment. You can even catch some of our fun adventures on my  IG stories OSIM highlights.

From the setting up of boarding gate, to a specially-designed plane right down to the exact replica of First Class seats awaiting us, I was already thrilled to embark on the flight adventure at the boarding gate!

Welcome Onboard OSIM Airlines. Ladies & Gentlemen! Hehe ~ Seemingly #throwback to those good ol’ cabin crew days 😝

Let me take you through a fun-filled First Class experience introducing the world’s first 4-Hand massage technology, patented V-Hand massage and it’s various programmes that perfectly suits our lifestyle. Let’s GO!


A revolutionary 4-hand massage technology that features 4 sets of powerful massaging rollers that massages my upper and lower body simultaneously mimicking the synchronised movements of two highly-skilled masseurs! It’s 720 degree roller balls rotate 360 degree in both directions, rolling along every contour of our body, dissipating any signs of fatigue, elevating pleasure and comfort at it’s best.

I found myself totally relaxed and almost fall into slumberland! The express Signature massage There is also a  quick 7-minute session, perfect for busy period when we can’t  spare the full 15min massage. 7 minutes was all it took for an instant rejuvenation. Powerfully recharged!

Double the relaxation. Double the effectiveness.

Professionally crafted by Japanese chiropractic expert, Sato Tsuyoshi, OSIM uLove 2 aims to deliver full-body relief, with emphasis on the shoulders, lumbar and butt. The Neck & Butt massage programs were 2 of my fave! The firm Neck massage function specifically targets not just my shoulders and nape, but my shoulder blades too. The Butt Cradle program left the deepest impression for me as my current u-Divine does not offer such firm and comfortable cuddling with the right intensity. The 720 degrees roller balls move in both horizontal and vertical directions, perfectly cuddling my butt with just the right pressure.

My thoughts?

I really love the luxurious feel of the 4-Hand massage that truly gave me an out of this world form of relaxation! I could feel the intense sensation of 2 synchronized masseuses massaging my whole body right down to my ankle. The 720 degrees roller balls also rotates 360 degrees in both directions, rolling along every contour of my body. A true invigorating massage experience of it’s class!


uLove 2 even offers a signature suite of auto massage program that are customised to your needs. OSIM uLove 2 leverages on its V-Hand and 4-Hand Massage that tailors a massage program that perfectly targets and eliminates my tired body and old soul for an euphoric experience with eight massage programs to suit our different lifestyle needs. From Sports Massage to ease muscle tension, Beauty Massage pampering session that tones and firm to a Sleep Massage mode that relaxes the body and mind for a well-rested slumber.


With the uLove2 app, our favourite massage programs are just a touch away and my very own massage experience seamlessly controlled. Regularly updated and refreshed, the uLove2 app also features complementary music that we can now download and enjoy to our heart’s content! With its patented technology, uLove2 also allows you to sync new massage programs to address you and your family’s ever-changing needs. You can now connect to your iPad, smart phones and select your preferred music at the touch of a finger! Complete with USB charging device. A true first-class entertainment chamber!


With it’s 3D surround sound and a wireless Bluetooth music playback, the new and improved uLove 2 speakers boost a well-balanced and articulate audio augmented by a powerful bass that one can easily detect. It’s carefully positioned speakers provide a well-balanced and articulate audio, and are designed, positioned and optimised for the best resonance to pamper us in a cocoon of acoustic bliss! I felt as if i was whisked into the tranquil nature during the massage session.


Designed with the chic contemporary in mind, drawing inspiration from Magnolia and Peony flowers, it exudes a palette of subtle sophistication isn’t it! Each hue and shade is inspired by popular interior decor trends to create a harmonious masterpiece of a massage chair. I love it’s spread of luxurious quilted leather, truly befitting of a First-Class seat!

Here’s a moment with my sweetie Juliana sharing our inflight experience together after our pampering session interview. Both of us almost fell asleep during the relaxing experience.

Best part of the media launch? I got to witness the Grand Reveal of Asia’s perennial pop icon, Heavenly King – ANDY LAU!

This is The One Chair you’ve got to experience for yourself! Now head over to any OSIM Outlets and roadshows to give yourself a rewarding time of pampering + receive a FREE exclusive gift when you trial, while stocks last!

You can now get the OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王) at a special price of $5499 (U.P. $6699) with my promo quote <CINDY>.

Hurry! Offer is valid from now till 30 Sep only!

Click on link   https://bit.ly/2N1A9Fj)  for an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW PRICE!!

Find out more about the OSIM uLove at ulove.osim.com

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Yakult Media Trip with Cindy, lecinlurve

Big dreams in a small bottle.

These words prominently displayed at Yakult Central Institute encapsulate what every bottle of Yakult beholds and I was honoured and privileged  to be chosen as the first influencer from Singapore to embark on this educational trip to learn more about Yakult’s dreams!  To begin with, a big thank you to Yakult Singapore for hosting me!

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Day 1 – “Dr Minoru Shirota and Shirota-ism”

My first day of arrival, I was ushered to Yakult Japan HQ at Minato-ku to be introduced to our local host, and the many different kind of  products that the pioneer in probiotics drink has developed through the years.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindylecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy


Did you know that there are different Yakult products in different sizes in the various countries and Yakult even produces in-house beauty products, PARABIO series, that were infused with Shirota Essence and HB Hyaluronic acid born of Yakult’s research?

 A visit to Yakult Central Institute later in the day was an eye-opener and exceptionally educational as I learnt about Dr Minoru Shirota, the founder of Yakult.  Do you know that he is the first in the world in 1930 to succeed in culturing a fortified strain of lactic acid bacteria that is beneficial to human health and the bacterium was named “Lactobacillus casesi strain Shirota” after him?

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

At the Institute, we were also briefed on his philosophy. The 3 key fundamental aspects of Yakult philosophy also known as Shirota-ism. This encompasses the concept of preventive medicine, a healthy intestinal tract leads to long life, and offering products at a price anyone can afford.

Dr. Minoru Shirota, M.D., Ph.D. Founder of Yakult, devoted his life to the research of preventive medicine. His goal was to contribute to the health of as many people as possible and he believed that the emphasis should be placed on preventing illnesses, rather than on treating illness once it develops. After many years of research, Dr. Shirota was successful in strengthening and culturing Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota, a strain of lactic acid bacteria that can reach the intestines alive and produce bacterial effects.

Beside learning that we can live healthier and longer simply by maintaining a healthy intestinal tract, I was heartened and in fact humbled to learn that Dr Minoru Shirota’s philosophy included brining good health to people at an affordable price.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Here with my Singapore team on this enriching journey at Yakult Central Institute.

It has been 90 years since Dr. Shirota’s discovery and Yakult has continued to develop its business based on the philosophy of contributing to the health of people through pursuit of excellence in life science in life science, develop products based on that research and manufacture products under advanced quality management.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy, Minoru Shirota

What a great and noble philosophy for a business entity to embrace.  I am therefore glad that Shirota-ism has withstood the test of time and continues to be carried on in the research and development activities at the Yakult Central Institute.  This facility is a door to the future.

So much to learn from a compassionate man …. ❤

Today’s ootd worn by Joop Boutique for today’s tour.

If you like to turn my skies more blue and capture the vicinity of Yakult Central Institute’s picturesque view,

click here to find out more.



Day 2 – Decked in my pastel pink fave frock from Ksisters and customised Lurve hat from TullelovebyGwen.

All set for today’s fun adventures!

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy, sisters, ksisterssg, tullelovebygwen

Today was a really exciting day ahead for us, as we were scheduled for a lunch tour at an elementary school, followed by a tour of Yakult Swallows’ professional baseball team facility!

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Ready? Let’s GO!

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Checked in at Shibuya Honmachi Gakuen Elementary School to learn more about Shokuiku – Japanese term for Food Education.

Dietary behaviour among elementary school students in Japan has recently become a cause of concern. Therefore, a Shokuiku (food & Nutrition education) program consisting of a series of lectures and practical sessions based on food nutrients & cultures are incorporated for the benefit of the students.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Here with the Vice Principal of  Shibuya Honmachi Gakuen Elementary School and the pretty nutritionists at school. I would totally eat my greens and polish up all my food in the presence of the pretty ladies. I witnessed for myself how popular the pretty nutritionsts were with the pupils who were keen to present their empty plates and helping themselves to second servings!

So glad to witness a healthy dietary behaviour amongst the elementary students and of course, glad to see each and every student having a bottle of Yakult with their meal.

Do you know that since 2008, Yakult has been dispatching lecturers to elementary schools to give lectures on the topic of “early to bed, early to rise, eating breakfast and emptying your bowels in the morning” as part of Shokuiku?  I for one will try to remember this mantra “early to bed, early to rise, eating breakfast and emptying your bowels in the morning”.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Next stop –  After yet another yummy lunch, this time at Kisoji Restaurant, we checked in at Yakult Swallows’ professional baseball team’s facility.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

8 countries, 37 representatives.

Thanks to Yakult for organising the immensely warm welcome by the country’s highly-adorned professional team!

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Here with my fave fun bunch from the Singapore team!

Mr. Ryo Ohashi, Jennie from Prime Publishing and Xueqi from Sg Yakult.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

We even got to witness the professional players in practice.

What a privilege!

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

I also learnt that The Swallows made history on June 14, 2009 by hitting 11 base-hits in consecutive at-bats.

The record was certified by Guiness World Record! In 2015, Tokyo Yakult Swallows won it’s first Central League pennant in 14 years. What a glorious victory it must have been for them!

It is interesting to note that Yakult Swallows is one of the many ways that Yakult is contributing back to the society, and in this instance, through promoting sport to people.  Yakult Swallows hold baseball clinics during offseason for primary and junior high school aged children with the aim of getting them to enjoy sports and the cherish good health through exchanges with professional baseball players.  I’m sure the professional baseball players will be able to influence a large number of the children to embark on a healthy and sporty lifestyle.


Day 3 – Today was an exceptionally fun day ahead! And it’s not everyday that I get to have the privilege of being a Yakult Lady – For a day! Woohooo ~

A Yakult lady performs an important role in delivering a very affordable probiotic dairy product to you and me everyday and helping us understand the benefits of Yakult.  This practice is also based on Shirota-ism, which include ideas like sincerity, harmony among people, and caring enough to make home deliveries.  Yakult lady deliver products to customers by hand with the sincere wish for their good health.
I grew up witnessing how my own neighbourhood lady would go from door-to-door to conscientiously deliver our weekly orders for several years! Here in Japan, more than 50% of Yakult products are distributed by Yakult ladies.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Yakult Ladies visit customers with a smile and deliver products with sincerity. Home delivery by Yakult Ladies began in 1963 with the introduction of the Yakult Lady System, a distribution method unique to Yakult.

On my third day here, I had the privilege of understudying and assisting the super sweet and friendly super Mummy of 4 – including a pair of twins, Miki-san in her dispatch session. Her sweet demeanor and positive service attitude was such an inspiration to me. Even the sound of her voice rang like music to my ear.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Having to maneuver the oncoming traffic and endure weather changes was really not as easy as it seems.  I was also surprised to see how Miki remembered each and everyone of her regular customers’ orders without hesitation. And by adopting a positive attitude and armed with sheer dedication for her job, Miki made me witness a Yakult lady’s hard work today.

My respect to the Yakult ladies on a new high level! ❤


Day 4 – Tour of Yakult Fuji-Susono Plant

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Took a 2-hour bus ride to the Mt. Fuji area to witness the meticulous production and manufacturing of the world’s pioneer in probiotics drink.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy, mount fuji

Rewarded with a glorious peak of Mt. Fuji at Yakult Fuji-Susono plant today!

Feeling so blessed! 💫

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy, mt fuji

Some fun facts : Yakult has 12 plants in Japan

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy, Ryo ohashi

Yakult owns 12 production plants in Japan. For this particular state-of-the-art plant, it sits on a site area of 208,000 square metres and actually produces 1.2 million products per day! ~ This visit to Yakult Fuji-Susono plant not only shows me the efficiency in their production and how they emphasise production of products that are safe and of high quality, more importantly, I witnessed how Yakult undertake all these in an eco conscious manner, ensuring that they do their upmost to recycle, minimise waste, and reduce the impact to the environment in all that they do in the whole production process.  Once again, this is a testament that Shirota-ism is not merely a philosophy, but is actually being practiced. Kudos to Yakult.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Yakult now operates in 38 countries and regions around the world, including Japan, with over 35 million of the company’s dairy products consumed each day.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Let’s drink to good health internationally! ❤

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Found these pretty princesses waiting of for me when I checked into hotel.

Yakult 400LT cultured milk drink contains 40 billion L.casei strain Shirota and yoghurt drink Joie  ジョア.


lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Had an enjoyable welcome dinner with (from Left) Deputy Manager, Mr. Hitoshi Ishikawa, Mr. Syunichi Uekusa, Jennie from Prime Publishing, Mr. Ryo Ohashi and Xueqi from Singapore Yakult team.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy

Spent a great time chatting with Director Deputy President, Mr. Yoshihiro Kawabata.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy, lumiveil, tokyo

The picturesque panoramic view at 41st level – Lumiveil, Tokyo.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy, tokyo

Dinner’s ootd. Crop Top by VGY store. Pants by Uniqlo.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy, tokyo, shinjuku

Being back here in Shinjuku, reminds me of my former travelling days..

And it is also times like these that makes me appreciate all the experiences in life that makes this day possible & enjoyable.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy, tokyo

It has indeed been a fun and enriching week for me!

It’s about time to head home…

And I could feel my heart skip a beat at the thought of my baby awaiting my return.

It’s indeed a joy and an honour for me to embark on this educational trip with Singapore’s team, being warmly welcomed as Singapore’s first social media influencer to come onboard this trip.

I take home with me a wealth of knowledge of the world’s pioneer probiotic cultured milk made with a special strain of the bacterium Lactobacillus casei Shirota. A popular health drink loved by 28 million people from 38 countries and regions. The drink has been proven using ‘strongest’ strains of beneficial bacteria, and has been shown to benefit human health. Free of preservatives, colourings and stabilizers.

I also took home with me the dreams that are within each and every bottle of Yakult that is being distributed around the world.

 The dream of helping everyone throughout the world enjoy healthier lives, the dream of delivering the irreplaceable joy of good health to people around the world.  And all these, packaged in a familiar small bottle, delivered with sincerity to you and me.

lecinlurve, Yakult, Yakult media trip, Yakult Sg, Cindy, mithesalon

Special shoutout to my all-time trusted hair salon MiTheSalon, for always taking such good care of my tresses and for the special pampering for my hair to stay so soft and silky-smooth throughout this trip!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Did you know that you can join Yakult Singapore on an educational 1-day fun factory tour with The World’s Premium Probiotics Drink!?

Click here to find out more information.

You can catch me on my daily postings on Instagram @lecinlurve and also my current updates on my IG stories.



Till then,

Love, Cindy

Bangkok Trip: Family, Friends, and Shopping (Of Course!)


Having to juggle with my busy schedule, I rarely have the opportunity to go on a holiday for some quality time and fun with my loved ones. So, I’m really thankful to have been able to take time off recently for a family holiday getaway to Bangkok. It was a 5D4N trip from 21st to 25th April and Hubbz meant for me to fly out on my birthday for the trip. We flew to Bangkok on the B787 – Dreamliner which really set itself apart with its shadeless feature!

After we landed, we checked into our hotel, Novotel Platinum Pratunam . I really love its accessibility to the largest air-conditioned and clean shopping mall, making it really easy for us to frequently head back to our room to change BabyC’s diaper or to let her take a nap without much fuss. It also meant that everything was within close proximity which made it so convenient.We then freshened up in the room before I was directed to Octave as a surprise. Hubbz kept reminding us to leave the hotel at 4PM in a bid to catch the glorious sunset. I was super happy to catch one of the most beautiful sunsets at Octave, and to enjoy the fabulous views as well as the great amenities offered by the hotel.  It was also an opportunity to enjoy some new outfits, especially the comfort of my our twinning outfits by JumpEatCry and JOOP Denim Embroidery Off-Shoulder Dress (pictured below), while taking in the view!

Weekend Getaway at Cassia Bintan

We’re always so busy nowadays that we hardly have time to take a break from our daily schedules. Just a while ago, I had the privilege to spend some quality time with my family and friends in the beautiful Cassia Bintan Resort.Cassia Bintan review

Cassia Bintan, which is just a short 45 minutes ferry ride from Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, was magnificently luxurious to say the least! Welcoming us into the resort is a bright and cheery lobby setting. Their rooms are incredibly spacious and cozy, with all of the rooms having a fully-equipped kitchen. This made it so much easier and convenient for me to whip up meals for BabyC. I prepared yummy pumpkin, carrot and potato porridge for her during this trip.