Dream Cruise World Dream Review

Spot Me? #ootd in JOOP

Never expected what was meant to be a 4D3N Birthday celebration left me leaving my heart out at sea…

This was the view that greeted us onboard Dream Cruise – World Dream , one of their newer fleet built in 2017. It was my maiden trip onboard a mega cruise. Everything I saw from the size of the water slides, to the mega deck sight, endless serene view of the horizon from palace pool, private lift access for Palace Suites guests, floors of fine dining restaurants left me astounded..

Main Deck Overview

Here’s a look at some of the pics that greeted us on Main Deck once we boarded …

This was our night view at the Main Deck Pool.

There are a total of 4 water slides at the Main Deck. This Orange one is mega fun, best part – It’s super family-friendly! We even took turns to slide to our heart’s content with kids below 3 year old right here.

Chriselle was initially afraid to slide down on her own, but seeing so many kiddies younger than her having a WILD time she braved up and finally we had a HARD time getting her to leave this spot. – Be Warned. Lotsa bribing needed here.

Read on for more on Dream Cruise family-friendly Water Slides at Main Deck.

Palace Pool Overview

Now let’s move on to some of the scenic view that greeted us at the Palace pool… This is the serenity I look forward to check into daily.

Our evening sunset glow view!

Morning swim at our Palace Pool. This is the kinda morning I love to wake up to.

Palace Pool is virtually empty in the mornings. This is where you can truly enjoy a moment of serenity and connect with nature.

We check in every morning and most evenings. Most of the time it was scarcely occupied.

Soulful moment with my bestie.

One of the reasons why we enjoy retreating to Palace pool after a day of fun, this is where we could catch up on soulful conversations basking in the warm sunset, every single day.
Left me wanting to check in here everyday …

Daddy’s girl!
Ps. That egg yolk is REAL not edited.

This was where we witnessed one of the most magical sunset view!

Night Palace Jacuzzi view. Such tranquility every evening.


Let’s check out our Palace Suites room that left my jaw hanging as a first timer onboard a cruise. Somehow I had the impression that rooms onboard a cruise would be super narrow, just like a tight cabin not spacious at all but I was WRONG! Dream Cruise Palace Suites totally changed my opinion on cruise room concept.

Right – Sofa bed
Left – King-sized bed

Upon check in, our room was very much like a hotel room concept, complete with a sofa which was converted into a sofa bed for Chriselle! Woohooo… It took me by suprise to be greeted by a walk-in closet, vanity table and even a bath tub apart from a separate shower & toilet area!

This balcony area was one of our fave chill spot during the night.

What’s more, there was even a balcony area with 2 (not 1) coffee tables & 2 chairs for our much-desired chillax time when night fell.

My super Surprise Birthday set up in cahoots by hubbz & our Butler.
How thoughtful is this ?!

Every Palace Suites guest will be assigned a Butler who can make your stay an even more memorable one. Hubbz was in cahoots with Dream Cruise staff who made our check in really special with this Happy Birthday set up that somehow really made our day upon check-in and set Chriselle & my heart aflutter at every detail .. Lotsa Wowww.. Oooo… Ahhh for 2 suaku upon check in.

I was so touched by the pretty set up especially by my shy hubbz’ sweetest effort in liaising with the staff before we boarded!

Our walk-in closet that could house 1 large and small luggage.

You can view more of our Palace Suites room details right here.

Palace Suites bathroom with bath tub and Etro skincare.

Palace Suites comes with a tub even. Something which I wasn’t even expecting at all. Sadly we had no time to enjoy basking in the tub this trip. Most of our time was spent soaking in Palace Suites virtually empty pool or Jacuzzi. (Pls note that bookings have to be made for both areas) We were just lucky that we checked into this DREAM cruise at a low peak season (TIP for booking a cruise. Will share at the end of the blog) plus there’s exclusivity swim area for Palace Suites guests which made our time at the pool pretty serene everyday. This also pretty much explains why most of the pics taken seems empty. It really was.


After check in, all hubbz did was to decide on which restaurant and timing to eat for every meal and inform our butler who got all our reservations done on 1st day. Voila! Sharing with you a our itinerary for our 4D3N stay onboard.

Next, I highly recommend you to look through the daily itinerary that will be issued daily and plan what performance show, classes you will like to enrol and secure a booking with your butler.

For Palace Suites guest, you can prebook your Palace pool and jacuzzi timing with your butler who will secure the bookings for you.

Else expect queues for pool, jacuzzi bookings and meal times at The Lido, Dream Dining Room Lower and Upper. Due to the current Covid situation, strict social distancing and mask wearing rules are being enforced throughout the cruise. We often spot long queues during meal times (outside and inside restaurants) at the 3 dining restaurants mentioned as these are the common dining meals inclusive in the cruise package. If you are travelling in a group, it will be advisable to have 1/2 pax queue up for you in line whilst you are getting your kids ready for meal times after play/pool. It wouldn’t be fun waiting in line with a hungry child tugging at your hemlines before mealtimes.

Here’s a look at one of our fave brunch at Palace restaurant. Char Kway Teow (which was highly recommended by hubbz’ best friend) was rly rly goooood! We made sure to have at at least once a day in between meals. It’s that good I tell you.

Every meal at Dream Cruise Specialty restaurants were rly of restaurant & hotel standard I must say. Having worked for one of the best airline’s in the world for a decade, I dare say the food served at these restaurants are on par with Singapore Airline’s First Class meals, if not better.

This is one of my fave Seafood Grill restaurant.

This was hands down my fave Seafood Grill by Mark Best !
Lobster was so FRESH & succulent. even the mussel was perfectly garnished with bacons and a touch of tobacco sauce.

Here’s sharing with you the (Excellent in my opinion – no biasness) choices made by hubby for the past 4 days. Teppanyaki was Chriselle’s fave cux she was just so tickled by the chef’s stunts and pounding heart shape fried rice.

18 April  – 
Lunch – Palace restaurant 
Dinner – Umi Uma (Teppanyaki) 

19 April – 
Lunch – Silk Road Chinese Restaurant (Chinese fine dining)
Dinner – Prime Steakhouse by Mark Best
(Prime cuts from around the world are served here)

20 April – 
Brunch – Palace restaurant 
After 10 am *Comfort food – char kway teow 
Lunch – Umi Uma (KBBQ)
Watch magic show by Vincent Vignaud
Dinner – Seafood Grill by Mark Best
Laser show 

21 April 
Bfast Palace Restaurant

High Tea – 330-430 pm
Happy Hour 5-7 Pm Can be enjoyed at the pool area too! 
Attention! Free flow of beer & drinks.

This is Chriselle enjoying her kid’s bento at Umi Uma.

Most of the restaurants mentioned above offer a separate delectable kid’s meals menu more suited for our girl, much to our delight! You can request to have a look at the children’s menu when they present you the adult ones.

Activities Onboard

Checking into Little Dreamers Club was Chriselle’s dream as she was looking forward to playing lego, kitchen set, watch movie and music making with toddlers her age. Due to the current Covid situation, 1 parent has to accompany your child irregardless of their age group.

Be sure to be on time to be in line for this as there’s a daily capacity.

Cooking with a view.

Personally I think you can give this a miss and go for more physically fun activities as these are the daily activities that our LOs can play at home. hehehe..

Let’s go SWIMMING! Was the magic word we needed to lure Chriselle outta the club after an hour. Instead, we headed over to main pool area for water slides and found ourselves stuck there for hoursss…

If you’re thinking whether onboard a cruise would ever be boring, think again! With fun-filled activities like Family Water Slides, Rock Climbing, Rope Courses, Mini Golf, Table Tennis, Giant Chess, Arcade, VR games, Dance classes, Sauna and Gym with sea view onboard.. I find 4D3N too short! And so did my family. We left wishing for more….

This was our sea view from Sauna room. Gym next door.
Just imagine working out with this scenic view.

Family-friendly Water Slides!

Here at the Main Deck Family Water Slides.
This was the place where we enjoyed a splashing good time as a family.

There’s a total of 4 kids-friendly water slides.
Kids age 6 and below 6 and under 100cm in height have to be accompanied by 1 parent here. Overall, it’s a rly family-friendly water slides theme park.

Her daily obstacle course.

Taking a longer route to the slides. There’s a staircase just 2 steps on the right. I have no idea why she enjoyed climbing this obstacle daily – Countless times …

There are 3 more gentler slides inside too!

You will find 3 gentle water slides inside. Be prepared to get wet once you step into this part of the fun water play area.

She’s braver than me for sure. I had my arms crossed at my chest but she just went WILD.

Here’s the 4th family-friendly water slides.

I personally loveee this main family slides. It’s a bit steeper, longer and slows down to a gentle pool of water awaiting you. We were here playing for about an hour and we saw older kids and even parents carrying infants go on the water slides for countless times.. I was tickled by this super cute 2yo toddler who kept waddling his way (slowly) up the slide in his diaper and enjoying an adrenaline rush from the slides with his mum watching at the end of the slides. This is hands down a super kids-friendly water activity!

Children around the age of 4-11, slap on your sunblock and expect a splashing goooood time here I tell you!

Next up, we adjourned to the adults water slides. There were 5 slides.
3 looping slides and 2 steep water slides!

Hubby enjoyed a splashing good fun at all 5 but warned me against the 2 steep ones – which honestly didn’t look friendly for the weak hearted – That’s me. Lol!
So I ended up enjoying getting my head knocked from side to side sliding down the 3 looping ones and honestly it was enough for me. I knew I needed to stay in 1 piece to take care of my 5 yo for the rest of the trip (and for the rest of my life).

More fun moments captured on our Dream Cruise IGS highlights.

That’s us cheering for Daddy where he slides down the 2 steep water slides before we retreated back to Palace Suites pool for some snacks & quiet family time.

Palace Suites Pool & Jacuzzi

Came back and witnessed one of the most magical sunset.

Retreated back to serenity and we found ourselves greeted by the soft warmth of that evening’s sunset. Overall, we totally enjoyed the tranquility of the Palace pool area and 4 jacuzzis.

A moment to remember.

This was indeed a magical moment witnessing one of the most captivating sunset view with the warmth of sunset’s glow on our faces that evening.

Soulful convo with my bestie.

Imagine coming home to this view every evening… Now you understand why I wouldn’t wanna leave at all. *sob sob*

Tranquil Palace pool side.

This is one of the spot where hubby & I are reminded of our honeymoon spent at Santorini and Mykonos. Imagine coming home to this scenic view every evening.

Inside the individual pavilion is where we chill over a glass of wine or beer and order in snack food and our fave Char Kway Teow from the Palace lounge. Pls note – Pool side makan timing is from 5-7pm.

Onboard a yatch trip, there are some essentials to bring along and a flare skirt which you can effortlessly slip over your bikini is a MUST. This is by far one of my fave twirable skirt and you can find the link right here. It comes in 4 different colours too.

This was one of 3/10 good shots by hubbz.
Effortlessly easy to nail any twirls in this pretty piece.

This is one skirt that I always stuff into my already super-packed luggage on almost every holiday, staycation and now cruise. I’m a huge fan of white & maxi dresses and skirt and this easy-to-slip on maxi skirt takes me from day to night. Perfect for a dress up dinner with your loved ones too!

Here’s sharing with you one of my fave embroidery maxi from JOOP that I wore over my swimsuit. This shot was taken just before water play with Chriselle. I could wear this out for swim play and then dinner date too! One of the reasons why I adore maxi dresses so much. This can be worn tri-ways – Off shoulder, tube and toga (as seen).

Look who participated in Vincent Vignaud’s magic show!

One of the memorable highlights for Chriselle was Vincent Vignaud‘s magic show! This suave magician merely got her engaged in his show with her fave colour Pink and left a deep impression in her young mind.

Not only was this world class illusionist talented, he was really good at getting the audience involved in his magic shows. He even caught an aunty falling asleep in the midst of his magic show, woke her up in his Ayiyoyoyo Singlish lang that left us in peels of laughter. Personally I think what makes his tricks seem even more special was his level of engagement with the audience. This was a major draw factor leaving his audience wanting more.

Chriselle was really intrigued by his Singlish accent.

Thankfully we managed to get a pic with the world class illusionist after the show. We left wishing we had more time onboard to do some latin dance and more performance shows.

My loves. My everything.

The moment Chriselle reached ashore, she started getting her own ally for her next cruise trip by dating her YeYe and promising him that she will be super well behaved. Good luck to him if he does bring our lil mermaid onboard on his own hehehe..

Tips before boarding a Cruise :

– Book early. Prices are much cheaper when you book early.
– If schedule permits, book during non-peak sesaon.
To avoid wasting precious time on queuing time.
– Once you come onboard, ask the concierge for an Upgrade.
Chances are high that you will get an upgrade at a much lower price. However it’s subject to availability.
– Sunblock, straw hat, maxi skirt bring them all.
To keep yourself safe from the sun and yet dressed up for a good dinner.
– Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan your meal times & venue before you board.
– Plan your activities for the day. Make your bookings 1 day early.

Is it worth it?

A resounding YES!
Imagine spending $300/night for staycation in Singapore. With this amount or even lesser per pax (if you manage to book really early and get upgraded) you get to enjoy world class food onboard, countless performances, games and water adventures – ALL covered.

For us, hubbz received an email to bid for an upgrade to Palace Suites and got it at the lowest bid. Prices would be about $100-$200 cheaper (or slightly more) if we were to request an upgrade onboard. He didn’t wanna take the risk of not securing a Palace Suites as he was aware of the pool exclusive privileges that Palace Suites guests are entitled to, for our little mermaid. So I should be thankful that I gave birth to a lil mermaid.

Did Chriselle have to take COVID-19 Test too?

All guests have to take the COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) before boarding. We were scheduled for our swap test 2 hours before our boarding time. It was over in under 1 min. What I did was prep Chriselle for the swap by explaining using an analogy on how it would be done – A cotton bud will be used gently to clear her nose. Daddy went first, though we couldn’t see (his back was facing us) our brave girl was ready to go next already. Painless. Over in seconds and she was raring to head to the water slides awaiting her…

Given the current Covid situation, I greatly appreciate a leisure cruise like this to nowhere where we can do nothing but chill and enjoy quality family bonding time. I’ll highly recommend this mini getaway for a cozy birthday celebration, anniversary trip or even a proposal.

To have my world in my arms as I turn a year older.
A year more blessed.