Have you also experienced the frustration of having to spend your precious weekend time being piled up with laundry load over the weekend and repeating the same dilemma of either clearing all your laundry first or spending time with your family – every weekend?

Finally! Here’s the answer to all Mummies’ laundry woes!

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Reclaim your Family Time using Smart Household Devices!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending LG Singapore #TakeALoadOff event launch to fully understand the usage of LG’s TWINWash™. And even got to understand more about how celebrity Mummies – Sonya D Sanchez and Joanne Peh handle Motherhood and their household chores ever so efficiently and gracefully.

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Firsthand tips from beautiful mummies – Sonya D Sanchez & Joanne Peh

I was really impressed by the LG TWINWash™, a dual front load and mini washer that allows me to tackle #TwoLoadsAtOnce Now I don’t have to singlehandedly manage the household’s laundry, the whole family can finally team up and address our biggest laundry challenges every weekend!

And here’s 7 key reasons why I’m so in love with this baby!

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Really impressed by LGTWINWash™ #TwoLoadsAtOnce

I’ll share more about my favourite features in more detail below, but here’s what I first noticed about this double-washer system is the added height! No more bending over my back with heavy laundry bags. hehe…

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Perfect height! No more back bending with heavy laundry bags.

1 – Dual Wash System

I can now wash a whopping 16kg in the unique dual washer system of the LG TwinWash™ Front Load Washer AND an additional 2.5kg in the Mini Washer at the same time!

Which means I can now wash all my sheets all at once whilst running a second smaller load in the Mini Washer. This really saves me so much time in managing my laundry load!

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LGTWINWash™ – Dual wash system.


Cut your laundry time in half! Now you can finish two loads of laundry in under an hour with LG TWINWash™.

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Efficient laundry time in a shorter span of time.

3 – Add Ons – Anytime!

Now i can pause the machine to add more clothes which I love as I tend to miss out Chriselle’s soiled PJs which has only been lightly rinsed. All i have to do is press “Add Item” and add any laundry from my hubby’s stinky socks to her fave dress in whenever I need. Whichever washing cycle I select, door will be opened immediately (approx. 3 sec) during washing.

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4 – TWINWash Mini

This is my favourite feature of the washing machine – The Mini Washer! As the name suggests, it’s a small washing machine that’s perfect for delicates or smaller loads. I can now do hubby’s soiled running gear, baby clothes or even just our undergarments. This has 7 wash programs – Light Soil, Underwear,  Lingerie, Baby Care, Speed Wash, Rinse + Spin and Spin only.

I even managed to get my 23 month-old baby to load her own laundry in this Mini!

lecinlurve, LGTWINWash, LGSingapore, #lecinlurve, #LGTWINWash, #LGSingapore, LGBlogreview, LGTwinWash Blog Review
23 month-old Chriselle could even load her own laundry into the Mini Washer! hehe ~

5 – TrueSteam™

Here’s another feature I would love to quickly touch on – The TrueSteam™ technology. It’s a function that can achieve an intensely deep yet gently cleanse. Working to remove stains on a microscopic level while leaving my loads fluffier and most importantly, I noticed that my laundry done in this mode helps minimize ironing time! How efficiently smart is this!? It’s also perfect for giving her stuff toys a DEEP CLEANSE without destroying the fluffy insides of all her precious friends.

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TrueSteam™ works really well for jackets & her stuff toys.

6 – TurboWash™

LG has also introduced some new innovation this year to improve the laundry experience. We can now expect a faster washing with LG enhanced TurboWash™ 2.0. It’s high pressure nozzles save 20 minutes per load! These nozzles spray a concentrated detergent solution directly with pressure on the clothes for faster soaking time. Also the TurboWash™ ’s combination of quick soaking water spray and filtration motion means washing time can be reduced to just 49 minutes, but with an improved powerful wash performance! Just what I need to tackle the tough stains on babyC’s clothes at a shorter span of time. YES to completing household chores the CLEAN and EFFICIENT way!

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LG Enhanced TurboWash™ 2.0


SmartThinQ™ technology enables you to operate or monitor your laundry from anywhere, anytime. Download LG SmartThinQ™ app and sync to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This smart app lets you remotely start, monitor and even inform you the end of your wash cycle from your smartphone. I can now plan my laundry even from my office.  It also has a diagnosis feature to help identify and trouble shoot with you should you ever face any issues with the machine. How smart!

lecinlurve, LGTWINWash, LGSingapore, #lecinlurve, #LGTWINWash, #LGSingapore, LGBlogreview, LGTwinWash Blog Review
Now i can plan my laundry on the go.


I was pleasantly surprised that The LG TWINWash™ far exceeded all my expectations of the machine! With the ability to manage 3 times the capacity of my previous washing machine, it is also able to run two separate loads at once! My favourite feature has got to be The Mini Washer. The mini helper has proved to be a real good help on days i need to do lesser laundry. I can now wash a lighter load and even separate coloured apparels without a hint of worry.

As we do not have a live-in helper, I’ve been getting 23 month-old Chriselle to be more involved with our household chores. The mini washer is at the perfect height for her to manage her own laundry bag without much supervision. I couldn’t be more thankful to have an extra pair of hands to help out around the house with a smart, efficient and easy-to-use washing machine!

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With laundry all done, it’s time to chill with her fave Ice Cream!

Most importantly LG  TWINWash™  #TwoLoadsAtOnce ability has saved me precious time spent on my weekly laundry time, allowing more time for my family!

lecinlurve, LGTWINWash, LGSingapore, #lecinlurve, #LGTWINWash, #LGSingapore, LGBlogreview, LGTwinWash Blog Review

Thumbs up from my baby!

LG TWINWash™ – Model No:  TWC1409S2W Capacity: 9 Kg

Mini Washer – Model No : TG2402NTWW

Click on link below to view our INTERESTING event day!


Visit here for more product information.


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