Chriselle’s Cake Smash Photoshoot

In the blink of an eye, our dearest babyC has turned one. Recollecting how we documented this special journey, I can’t help but think back on our baby’s first photoshoot experience with Fion Boon Photography.

We had actually shot with Fion when babyC was just 2 weeks old and I had really loved the simplicity and ingenuity of the photos. Now that babyC has turned one, we’re back again to capture her precious first year moments!

Having recently moved back to Singapore from Melbourne, Fion specialises in photographing babies around six to fourteen days old and has even been mentored by Melbourne’s top newborn photographers! I really appreciate Fion’s dedication and attention to detail as she plans with us and conceptualises the overall look of the shoot for us, ensuring that the entire preparation process went really smoothly.

The set designs were beautifully crafted to match our chosen colour scheme. During the shoot, only natural lighting was used, creating a lovely soft vibrance that brilliantly complemented the pretty pastel hues of babyC’s outfit and the studio set-up.

Now for the awaited Cake Smash set! She had so much fun smashing and tasting the adorable unicorn cake that was prepared specially for this shoot.

It is truly moments like this that reminds me to embrace and cherish all the time I have with this greatest bundle of joy. She grows up so fast!

I really couldn’t have asked for a better cozy abode turned in-house studio and ever loving photographer, Fion, to capture babyC’s milestone memories. If you would like to consider Fion Boon Photography Services, go ahead and quote my name/nick  or baby Chriselle Faith Tay for your discount with Fion! 🤗

Here are some tips I’ve gathered for photoshoots with our dearest little ones. Having been on a few fun and memorable photoshoots with babyC and being a co-founder of a photography services, here’s some photography tips that I’ve picked up from our shoots. I hope it’s useful for you too:

  • Plan my shoot timing to suit her nap time. She’s at her best after a good nap. Bright & cheery.
  • Reminder to bring along snacks/favourite rattling toys that draws her attention
  • Understand what tickles her. Fave song/tune/peekaboo.
  • Plan & Research beforehand. Know what theme or look for the shoot that you like. Plan his/her outfit accordingly
  • Ensure your baby is well fed & well changed before the shoot. You won’t want to interrupt the photographer’s time to feed / change your LO.
  • Extra help. Invite a closest family member whom she’s fond of. He/she can be of a good help to tease her.


Every picture of babyC is a priceless gift to me as it serves as a sweet memory of her at every growing stage. Savouring every moment of it all….❤

Love, Cindy

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