Guest Speaking for Mrs. Singapore

Recently, I was honoured to be given a wonderful speaking opportunity as part of the 2018 Mrs. Singapore & Classic Mrs. Singapore Pageant Press Conference and Talent Showcase and Mini Carnival, held in conjunction with Down Syndrome Association (DSA), at One KM Mall. There, I was invited to share my experience as both a Mrs. and Mummy and how I manage my business role as a mother to make life work together. It was truly special, as this year marks the 20th edition of the Mrs Singapore pageant.

Since the pageant is co-organised by Exclusive Resources Marketing Pte Ltd (ERM) and the Down Syndrome Association (DSA), which makes this year’s pageant all the more meaningful. The event consisted of back-to-back activities and performances by the Mrs. Singapore & Classic Mrs. Singapore 2018 finalist, a fashion show by our reigning Queens, a cooking demonstration by Mayer, as well as, a performance by the children of DSA.

Welcoming applicants from ages 25 to 44 for the Mrs. Singapore category, and ages 45 and above for the Classic Mrs. Singapore category, this is the only married woman contest to give wonderful and remarkable women an opportunity to represent Singapore! I really appreciate how this pageant gives a very meaningful and valuable platform to empower women of today to not only take on the role as a wife and as a mother, but also to embrace and manage them well, while taking on other roles in life.

In my sharing session, I shared some thoughts on my personal time management. Key pointers like –  Time Management and Structured Way of Organization are simple, yet holds the key to excellent time management.

To better manage my time whilst on the go, I like to edit my photos and plan my daily schedule on the go. This saves me a lot of time. Once I get home I get to put my hp away and spend all my time with Chriselle. You can read more about what are the simple, yet effective tools I use to edit & achieve a consistency in my photos here.

I have a very simple yet effective way of getting my thoughts organized and having client’s timeline penned down in a systematic way so I don’t get lost in my daily agenda. I realized that over the years as I adopt a structured way of organization is really simple yet effective way to keep my work organized and eventually work towards my goals, subconsciously.

These are very simple yet effective methods I adopt. As I believe there is beauty in simplicity. And when I adopt a consistency in a simple way of getting my work flow run smoothly, things fall into place and eventually get well -organized. With consistency and a structured way of managing time, it is s possible for anyone, even Mums to achieve better time-management.
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It was an honour to be in the presence of talented & beautiful individuals, to grace the press conference for Mrs Singapore & Classic Mrs Singapore 2018, together with Mummies Michelle and Ashlyn. 

Women of today are empowered to not only take on the role as a wife and as a mother, but to embrace life’s changes and manage them well.

Also, kudos to the dedicated committee of Erm Singapore – Angela Tay, managing director of ERM Singapore for successfully organizing this pageant & it’s 20th anniversary celebration! My heartfelt gratitude to Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Member of Parliament who presented me with a cherished plaque from this event.
Special credits to the following team for ensuring I look my best for the press conference and also the grand finale tonight.

Tonight, I draw from tonight’s experience understanding what truly makes a beauty queen even more more special is when she possesses a heart that’s beautiful and shines through her physical presence.

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