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Having to grapple with work, meetings and mummy duties, I like to ensure my daily journey on-the-go is maximised in the best way possible. When it comes to updating my social media, being able to edit my photos on the go has helped me to utilise my time so much more efficiently! Today, I would like to share with you some of my fave photo editing apps I use to create images best suited to my personal style.

There are actually a few editing apps that I use to achieve the colours that I like on my Instagram feed.

First and foremost, is the popular Snow app. I use filters like ‘Heart’ and ‘A3’, which create the colour hues I love for a soft light finishing to not only my photographs, but also short videos on my feed and IG stories. I really like the subtlety and overall effect it adds to my photos and videos.

Another function that I find extremely useful, is the Music play function, which you can set before you start your IG story so that you can have your selected song from their playlist playing as the background music in the video.

Another editing app that I use is ColorStory, which is one of my new favourite filter and effects app. I had bought the standard starter package that allows me to use <Light Leaks>, <Skies Over> and <Glow>.

These effects are amazing for portrait or lifestyle photography, as they add a soft saturation and a gentle blend of the colours in the photo, creating an idyllic effect.

ColorStory even lets you play with and adjust the concentration of the glow and flare for each individual picture! This is the app that I use the most to achieve my vibrant blue skies and to add a dust of pink or purple hues to my photos.

Last but not least is Snapseed. Snapseed requires no explanation or instructions. Its large range of easy-to-use template functions makes it one of the most common apps used for photo editing. It allows you to adjust many properties of the photo that normal editing apps do not offer, such as adjustment of white balance and the tone curve.

In the <Curves> function, you can consistently adjust and choose a filter most suited for your feed simply by pulling on areas of the tone curve to adjust the contrast of the photo. I also like to use <Details> to sharpen my photos when the photos come out a tad more blurry at times.

Some of the other functions that I commonly use are <Selective>, which allows me to pinpoint and select a specific area in the photo for brightening or to increase the contrast for better definition and <Glamour Glow> which offers a soft touch to the subject for a dreamlike effect. Snapseed even lets you blur out a desired region in your photo with the <Lens Blur> function.

All in all, Snapseed is a powerful and useful editing app to use.

These are my top apps for editing on the go! I highly recommend them as they are incredibly easy to use and they really provide me with the flexibility to manipulate certain aspects of the photo so that I can get my desired effect in my photos and videos. Do try them out if you’re looking for some good photo editing apps! 🤗

Love, Cindy



  1. Thanks for sharing Cindy! I’m using Snow too but didn’t know about those filters!

    1. So glad they are of use to you Charlene! Have so much fun with the app. Snow is a very powerful app for videos too. One of my fave app for now, it even comes preselected with Music. 🎶

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