Kumoya x Tokidoki Cafe | Birthday Celebration With My Unicorns

Each passing year is another year worth cherishing and celebrating. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to dine with my sweetest unicorns at the highly-anticipated Kumoya x Tokidoki Pop-up Cafe as part of my early birthday celebration. As a fan girl of Tokidoki kawaii unicorno with Donutella & her friends, I was thrilled to be on a date to the world’s first Tokidoki Cafe!

Tokidoki Cafe sg

The cafe’s interior is thoughtfully designed with the Tokidoki  characters and decals that seems to come to life on the walls. The entire cafe is perfectly decorated to house the eye-popping aesthetic and criminally cute characters. The strategically poisitioned Tokidoki unicorno plushies also seemed like a row of welcoming ushers to the highly-anticipating guests.

I even brought along Donutella out with me for the date and some of my fave customized charms. But you really don’t have to bring along your plushies as the cafe is well-equipped with the cutest plushies for even that instagram worthy moment pic.

Tokidoki Cafe

Kumoya sg

The impressive variety of mains, snacks and desserts are carefully-curated by popular food artist and stylist  @littlemissbento aka Shirley Wong . Well, here’s a look at the limited-time only menu and a guide to the cafe’s prices as well.

Kumoya cafe

Kumoya Tokidoki

Kumoya sg

I was particularly intrigued by the ‘A Lot-of-Things LAH! Merlion Seafood Ramen’. There were so many different ingredients in the bowl like crayfish, scallops, ramen egg, spring onion and wakame. Most importantly, they had a kooky Merlion fishcake which is exclusively available in Singapore! It was definitely a hearty and tasty main course.

Tokidoki sg

Taking a look at the drinks list, getting the Unicorno Cotton Candy drink was the first choice that came to my mind.. However I learnt that, that would mean I won’t get to bring Donutella cup float home with me..

Unicorno cafe sg, Kumoya sg

Kumoya Cafe Sg, Donutella cafe, Donutella Sg

I naturally knew I had to order a Frappe. The strawberry frappe recommended by the staff proved to be a tad too sweet for my liking but nonetheless I was contented knowing Donutella was coming home with me.. 💓

Tokidoki Cafe sg

Bff Aileen ordered the ‘SANDy and Polpettina Full-of-Life Chicken Cats Burger’, which came in an interesting green mantou bun and with a side of fluffy hand-cut fries. Our ever-so-classy Deborah ordered ‘Stellina Sunny Morning Unicorno Magic Breakfast’, which was almost like a full English breakfast set. They also offer various snacks like onion rings and truffle fries.

Tokidoki sg

Tokidoki Cafe

Kumoya sg

For dessert, we had the ‘Dolce Pretty-in-Pink Berries Sponge Cake’. It was just the perfect mini pretty birthday cake! The combination of the sponge cake, wafer sticks, fresh cream, marshmallow hearts and fluffy cotton candy is so delightful to taste.

Kumoya cafe

Noticed my deco additions? hehe .. Well, I really love how thoughtfully presented every single course is. So much thought has been given to it’s design, every plate is so kawaii and photo-worthy. The entire dining experience was a heart-warming reunion as always, we enjoyed a hearty laugh catching up over my latest obsession over Kinohitmisu SuperFood Lady and Detox Enzyme. Yessss.. To a higher level of perseverance to a well-cleansed body no matter how fast my tummy bubbles up… 💪🏻🙊 oh by the way, if you’re also an avid Kinohitmisu health & beauty supplement consumer, go ahead and cart out with “SFLcindy” to save 30% off your shopping cart. 🛒

I’m also working towards to a toner & leaner body in 2018!

Kumoya Tokidoki

Tokidoki sg

After some time, as we were not-so-quietly enjoying my early birthday celebration, we turned around and saw the family right beside us celebrating their 7 year-old’s birthday. I can only attribute this to the fact that the love for Tokidoki, rainbows and unicorns truly transcends all ages! 💫🌈🦄😝🙈

Jill Stuart Sg, Tokidoki Cafe Sg, Kumoya Cafe Sg

Have your heard!? Jill Stuart makeup has finally landed on our sunny shores! I had these lippies specially personalized for my unicorns at Ion Sephora over the launch weekend. I also had them personalized for my lovely Studiopetitesg partners, knowing full well that we’re all fan girls of such exquisite beauty finds. 💋

Kumoya Cafe Sg, Unicorn cafe Sg, Unicorno Cafe, Unicorns, Sg cafe

Thank you for being my unicorns. 🦄 For always being there for me in good and trying times, creating little rainbows and adding showers of sunshine and love into my life. 💫🌈


Tokidoki Cafe, Kumoya Sg, Tokidoki Kumoya Sg, lecinlurve

Tokidoki cafe

As I get constantly busier in life, I like to remind myself to slow down at times, to set aside special evenings like this to spend quality time with my loved ones… ❤


Kumoya x Tokidoki Pop-up Cafe opens now to end June 2018. There is a maximum dining time of 90 minutes, with a minimum spend of S$10 per person. Reservations are not allowed. Service Charge of 10% is applicable.

Operating Hours: 

Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Thursday: 12-9PM

Friday to Saturday: 12-10.30PM

Sunday: 12-9PM


8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320

Travel and Parking:

  • Parallel parking available
  • Travel via public transport (Closest MRT: Lavender Station)

Love, Cindy


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