Menorca Spain Pretty Ballerinas

Has it been 2 years since we’ve last travelled?
Really missing the view from my ex-office space.
Ever so scenic. So serene.

Aww… After more than 17 hours, we finally arrived into – Mahon (aka Maó) the capital of Menorca!
The weather was perfectly breezy and extra scenic with the sun shining on our face.

Capital of Menorca – Maó

Top 5 things to do in One of the Mediterranean Sea’s Most Unspoilt Island – Menorca

1 – Visit Pretty Ballerinas shoes factory. Don’t forget to shop at it’s Mega store!
2 – Cocktails in a Bar Cave (Cova D’en Xoroi Menorca)
3 – West – Visit the island’s old capital and second largest town – Ciutedella de Menorca.
Overseeing the picturesque view of Ciutedella’s port.
4 – East – Visit the town of Mahon, better known as Maó, located in the Eastern part of the island.
5 – Get really upclose with an urban horse – Menorquin!

Day 1.
3rd April 2022.

We checked into Cristine Bedfor hotel and was absolutely charmed by it’s super heart warming & welcoming staff!
The hotel was clean and so well furnished with Menorcan details and totally exudes cozy vibes upon check-in.
I was so drawn to the ceiling right down to the wall curtain features that matches the vibes of the welcoming guest house.

Even every corner of the hotel is simply insta-worthy & cosy! Located on a quiet street in the gentrified old quarter of Mahon, this hotel is only 2 minutes’ walk from the main pedestrian shopping streets. How convenient.

 There’s even a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and outdoor garden that is simply perfect for ootids.

A twirl through Cristine Bedfor’s whimsical garden that leads to the upper deck outdoor pool.

Sadly, the pool was close due to the lingering Winter.
But i can already imagine how beautiful it would be to lounge right by the pool and garden eating a hearty breakfast in the Summer time.

Day 2.
4th April 2022. 

The highlight of the trip!
It was a whimsical night to remember
Candlelight dinner in the garden of Jardi de Ses Bruixes hotel & meeting 19 other influencers from around the world.

Our Garden view from the top of the restaurant.
I was so impressed by the whimsical feels of the entire setup.
Every table was assigned to each of us.

Hearty conversations even though most of us were from different countries, yet we speak the common language of love and adoration for the sheer comfort of our Pretty Ballerinas Shoes.

Sharing more of the candlelight dinner in this little space right here.

Day 3.
5th April 2022.

After a hearty breakfast the next day, we checked into a hotel closer to Pretty Ballerinas factory at Son Vives Menorca Hotel. This was such an unforgettable stay for me as i checked into tranquility waking up to such pristine majestic sunrise just 2 steps from my room!

The stay here was remarkably memorable as it was just the kinda breath taking view I would long to wake up to every morning. You can view more of my review right here.

And it was here that I witnessed my Top 5 – Must See list in Menorca.
The majestic Menorquin – So upclose!

Lunch we served at Hort Sant Patrici – yellow Royal with traditional cheese from the island.
The highlight for our trip was a visit to the heart of Pretty Ballerinas.

A visit to the factory was an eye opener for me, witnessing how 1 pair of shoes has to undergo 60 skilled artisan’s intricate craftsmanship! Such an honour for me to watch the artisans at work. It really makes me appreciate every single pair of my Pretty Ballerinas shoes even more. 

Click on this link to see more of the entire factory tour.

Absolutely stoked to have a moment with Lina Mascaro!
The brain & beauty behind Mascaro brand and it’s younger and fun sister brand – Pretty Ballerinas.

We ended our 3rd day at S’Amarador, a traditional restaurant in Ciutadella’s beautiful port. 
More pics coming up and I will link them up here – I promise.

Day 4.
6th April 2022.

After a hearty breakfast, we enjoyed a leisure morning enjoying the nature around Ciutadella’s magic town. 

After that, we were chasing sunsets at Cova d’en Xoroi
This was the Bar over the cliff which I was longing to visit and boy was it MESMERISING.

I wasn’t expecting it to be so majestic.
But stepping right into the walkway leading to the cave, hearing the crashing sounds of The Mediterranean Seas – This was Paradise on Earth!

Enjoying Cocktails & Tapas in a cave was a first experience for me.
And boy was it surreal! The food here was so healthy & delish. I helped myself to a variety of colourful tapas and left me wanting more once I reached the hotel.

By evening this cave turns into a disco during Summer time and hardly anyone leaves until the break of dawn.
I will totally love to catch the sunrise here too!
At least once in my lifetime.
Allow me to walk you through Cova D’en Xoroi Bar Cave.

Dinner was at Ulisses. An authentic Menorcan restaurant at the heart of the old town.

This trip to Spain has been nothing but amazingly breath taking. From the clear blue skies with random cotton candies in the skies to the mesmerising cave view overseeing The Mediterranean Sea, it truly left a lasting impression in my heart. 

This has truly been such a rewarding trip in ways more than one. I was merely looking forward to visit the shoes factory but I ended up captivated by a whimsical garden dinner, a breathtaking scenic stay, waking up to the majestic sunrise dawning on the fauna and flora and chasing sunset over cliff bar with 19 other influencers from around the world…

My heart is so full.


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