Maternity Shoot at Honeyzpainthouse

How time flies! It is the start of a brand new year and I just wanted to spend some time documenting my pregnancy photoshoot journey with Honeyzpainthouse.

I was blessed with a pretty easy time for the memorable nine months, with the luxury of time to take a good shower, put on day / night skincare and even indulge on hair pampering sessions. Ooo… those were the good ol’ days.

I did experience occasional morning sickness and intense tightness of my growing belly towards the end of the journey. I swore by Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil for my growing belly which helps wonders in relieving the tightness from an over stretched tummy! I also thoroughly enjoyed using Bio Oil for the rest of my body to help relieve any form of dryness. Recalling back with fondness of my “marinating” sessions after every shower brings so much sweet memories of those good ol’ days when I had the luxury of time to indulge in my beauty regime. Now it’s more like slap on and go. I’ll be lucky if I get to blow my hair dry before she cries again. Heh..

Recollecting back, the entire journey was a sweet memory, even more so for the hubbz haha. Right up to this day he still misses the time when I was pregnant the most, with vivid memories of “an angel” taking good care of him just like we were on honeymoon, everyday for a good 9 months.

Well, you know good times don’t last, right? Sorry to burst your bubble bro. Back to reality with babyC’s arrival hehe.. which also means that he has a lot more to help around the house with! 😝

I was actually down with slight flu for 2 weeks but I thought we better go ahead with the shoot, lest I pop early.

They say a mother’s instinct is always right, and that is so true. Exactly one week after our pre-pregnancy shoot at Honeyzpainthouse, our bundle of joy popped 3 weeks early on 29 August 2016!

For the shoot, we brought along some of babyC’s ultrasound images. Hearing her heartbeat for the first time was such a surreal and unforgettable moment for us. We decided to string her early growing journey and have it captured as memories.

Picture paints a thousand words, for now I shall let the photos do the talking.

The lovely bouqet of flowers I’m holding and my floral headpiece are from Keira Floral. They made the set look naturally soft and dreamy, very princess feel. Very much to my liking.

I absolutely love how Honeyzpainthouse is so white and spacious, which made our photos turn out so beautifully dreamy. There are various theme areas where you can have fun exploring different photoshoot ideas. I take a personal liking to white and clean space and theme parties, so Honeyzpainthouse was just the perfect studio to capture my pregnancy journey with hubbz & Chriselle!

We recently went back to Honeyzpainthouse with Chriselle again after a year. The studio holds a special place in our hearts because it was where we captured her last week of journey in my tummy and now we’re back after a year. It feels to me like Honeyzpainthouse has very much captured her milestone growth in life. BabyC is now 17 months and look how much she has grown!

She had lotsa fun at the studio that day. With a curious mind, she’s now constantly observing people around her intently and imitating us in her own funny way.

To all the mummies-to-be out there, embrace this 9-month journey with lotsa love and joy. Be kind to yourself. Take this time to pamper yourself well. When your precious gift arrives all your time and energy will be channeled to your precious bub.

If on any given day, you’re feeling down, know that what you are going through is extremely normal. Give yourself a good break from work. Clear your mind, go for a brisk walk, give yourself a pat on the shoulder for coming this far and reward yourself with an ice cream. At times you may take a double look at the reflection on passing mirrors, your weight will change and perhaps your mood at times, but it’s all for a short period of time only. You will spring back to your old, cheerful self soon enough. These discomforts will mean nothing in comparison to meeting your bundle of joy for the very first time!

During your pregnancy, surround yourself with a strong network of friends who will journey with you through this new chapter of your life.

Every pregnancy journey is different and that’s what makes us all special. Arm yourself with a joyful heart and a positive mindset and glow away! Enjoy this bonding time with your love as you prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy together.

If you’re considering Honeyzpainthouse for any photoshoot or as an event space, quote my name/nick to ladyboss Julz and she will be happy to  work out something special for you! Have fun at my fave pretty theme studio! Honeyzpainthouse charges $25/hr with an additional $50 for themed areas. On weekends, just add an additional $30 to the total bill.

Hope to see your pretty images at Honeyzpainthouse soon! 👋🏻

21 Woodlands Close
Primz Bizhub #07-23
Singapore 737854


Ever so thankful for this gift of life, this gift of love that binds us together.

Love, Cindy

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